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Exhibition: The Nature of Sagres


Helen is a British artist who has been regularly visiting Portugal for more than 10 years.  Most visits have been to the Algarve - to Sagres and the surrounding area.  Her work is varied and includes paintings and illustrations in watercolour, gouache and inks, and digital designs using an iPad.  Current work includes commissions for house and garden ‘portraits’.  The website is a gallery of the range of her work. Helen exhibits in England and this is her third exhibition in Portugal.  She exhibited at the Sagres Festival of Birdwatching and Nature Activities in October 2015 and at the Centro Cultural, Vila do Bispo in October 2016. Whilst in Portugal Helen takes every opportunity to paint in the open air using pen and watercolours.  The light, colours and landscape of the area around Sagres are inspirational and provide endless opportunities for exploring ways to capture images of the area in paint.  For the exhibition she has selected watercolour sketches and paintings many of which have been painted in the open air and all of which are of the birds or nature of Sagres or the surrounding area.  Helen hopes that the work captures Sagres and the Festival of Bird Watching in paint and provides a memento of an area of exceptional character and beauty. Visit Helen's exibition in  Fort of Beliche.



Photo-identification is a non invasive mark-recapture method that allows us to recognize and identify cetaceans through their unique marks on the dorsal fins.  These marks work as a fingerprint which gives information about the geographical distribution and migration of the species. Thus, we can recognize some of the families of Orcas (Orcinus orca) that every summer cross our region on the way to the strait of Gibraltar, after schools of tuna fish. The resighting in Sagres of catalogued individuals was revolutionary in the knowledge of these populations.

Author: Mar Ilimitado

Discovering Berlengas at Birdwatching Festival


Finding out how many eggs a Cory´s shearwater lay a year, or what does a shag with its wings wide open, are examples of what you can learn with Life Berlengas at Sagres. SPEA´s team will introduce you to the natural heritage of Berlengas archipelago and to what can be done to preserve it in a series of activities for children. Throughout this school year, SPEA challenged the students of the 5th grade from D. Luis de Ataíde School to develop a Project entirely dedicated to the fauna of Berlengas and the results were fantastic! The students built Cory´s shearwaters in felt, sunfish in recycled materials, lizards made of plasticine, amog others, impressing the whole community of Peniche. Now it´s Sagres Festival children turn.

Author: SPEA

The festival participants travel with train's discount


Participants of the 8th Birdwatching & Nature Activities can enjoy the 30% discount on round-trip travel in the Regional / Interregional service, within the framework of the partnership between this event and CP. To enjoy this discount, you need to request in advance a proof of participation in the festival through the email

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• Valid from 3 to 9 October
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Rare plants and S. Vincent  


The   14   km   route   between   Vila   do   Bispo   and   Cape   S.   Vincent,   included   in   the  Historical   Route   of   Rota   Vicentina,   crosses   the Sagres   Biogenetic   Reserve,   a  sanctuary  for  botanists  because  of  the  rare  chalk  soil  plants,  and  for  species  unique  to   the   world   or which   were   thought   to   be   extinct   but   have   reappeared.   The  undergrowth   is   dominated   by   gorse,   Erica,   thistles,   Lithodora lusitanica,   rosemary,  thyme,  violets  and  hyacinths.  You  are  about  to  finish  the  Rota  Vicentina,  but  before  you’ll  pass  an  area  called Vale  Santo,  which  was  for  centuries  part  of  the  pilgrimage  route  of  devotes  of  St.  Vincent,  whose  journey  finished  in  the  monastery that  existed,  where  now  is  located  the  lighthouse.

Author: Rota Vicentina

Vila do Bispo Town Hall