- When you select the activities keep in mind the overlap of schedules (very important) and the time it will take to reach the meeting points of the activities (see the map on the "Location" item to know where they are located);

- The number of vacancies is not automatically updated on the site, so it is not guaranteed that when we validate your registration is still  vacancies available for the activities that you selected;

- Even if the activities are full, you can sign up but you will be on the waiting list;

- You will be informed, within 3 working days, if you are booked or on the waiting list for each activity. This contact will be made by the Festival organization in the case of free activities, or by the partner companies in the case of activities with registration price;

- If after this deadline you don’t receive a response, please contact the entity responsible for the activity directly (see website - Menu Other - Partners – Touristic Activities or Health and Wellness);

- If the activity involves payment, you will receive instructions from the companies on how to do it.

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Note: This Group option is only possible when the participants of the group register for all the same activities; for other activities not made with the group, each participant will have to fill a different form.

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