Dolphin Watching - Cape Cruiser

Dolphin Watching - Cape Cruiser

Join us for this fantastic experience in search of dolphins, whales and other marine life in their natural habitat. With an experienced team of marine biologists and skippers, we provide a responsible cetacean observation experience. Come aboard and prepare to be amazed!

  • Type(s): Sea activities
  • Theme(s): Dolphin Watching
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Target Audience: All audiences
  • Language: Portuguese, English
  • Recommendations:

    The activity is only confirmed after our response and is subject to immediate cancellation if the weather conditions change.

    Bring wind-jacket, sunblock and water.

  • Registration: Activity with online registration
  • Nr of participants: Mín. 6 Max. 12 (minimum age 3 years old)
  • Price: Child 30.00€
    Adult 30.00€
  • Partner:
  • Schedule: Sunday 3rd of October 2021 from 11:30 am until 01:00 pm
  • Meeting point:
    Sagres Harbour (Baleeira)