SONY COURSE: Scientific Photography

SONY COURSE: Scientific Photography

Photography course to illustrate the power of scientific photography in the dissemination of nature and environmental education, and how we can use our photography in favour of species conservation. In scientific photography we try to capture the animal in all its splendour, recording some important anatomical details that help to portray the species in question. In this course we will discuss the techniques and definitions to be able to obtain this type of photography.

  • Schedule: Saturday 7th of October 2023 from 02:30 pm until 05:30 pm
  • Theme(s): Photography
  • Type(s): Workshop
  • Location: Indoor activity
  • Nr of participants: Mín. 3 Max. 50 (minimum age 12 years old)
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Target Audience: Adults
  • Registration: Activity with online registration
  • Recommendations:

    Bring notebook and pen.

  • Partner:
  • Meeting point:
    Fish Market Interpretation Center
    Lat: 37.00990863795841 / Lon: -8.931093513965607